TTBL Week 6 Power Rankings


Top 10 in the TTBL Nationwide

  1. Kingdom Abound 7-0
  2. Beltway Bombers 5-0
  3. Savannah Hurricanes 5-0
  4. Atlanta Storm 3-0
  5. LeHigh Valley Flight 4-1
  6. Diamond City Flames 3-1
  7. Birmingham Outlaws 5-2
  8. South Carolina BullDogs 2 – 1
  9. Charlottesville Gladiators 3-2
  10. Fredricksburg Grizzlies 3-3

Top 3 in the North Division

  1. Kingdom Abound 7-0
  2. Beltway Bombers 5-0
  3. LeHigh Valley Flight 4-1

Top 3 in the South Division

  1. Savannah Hurricanes 5-0
  2. Atlanta Storm 3-0
  3. Birmingham Outlaws 5-2
  • Week 6 We have 4 teams who remain undefeated in the TTBL as we continue to see who will stay on top in November its going to be a race to be king of the hill!
  • Beltway Bomber stay at number 2 with a victory over the Philly Pioneers at Home scoring 155 -113 and still remain undefeated at 5-0!
  • Quiet as Kept and Lehigh Valley Flight had a big game in their home Gym and came down to who had more staminia at the fourth quarter and that’s when the Flight took off beating them 128-108!
  • Big Game of the Week the Kingdom Abound worn down their opponent the Fredericksburg Grizzlies in the Fourth with a victory 123 to 104 and keeps them in the #1 spotin the Power rankings.
  • Savannah Hurricanes played a tough team the Pee Dee Bears in a match but with the power under the basket the Hurricanes secure their undefeated status of 5-0 with a win 117-89!

See all game results here

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