TTBL Week 11 Power Rankings


Top 10 in the TTBL Nationwide

  1. Atlanta Storm 9-0 -1
  2. Beltway Bombers 7-0
  3. Savannah Hurricanes 7-0
  4. Kingdom Abound 9-1
  5. Birmingham Outlaws 7-3-1
  6. LeHigh Valley Flight 5-3
  7. DMV Warriors 5-3
  8. Charlottesville Gladiators 5-3
  9. New York Court Kings 5-4
  10. DLS Rockets 5-5

Top 3 in the North Division

  1. Beltway Bombers 7-0
  2. Kingdom Abound 9-1
  3. LeHigh Valley Flight 5-3

Top 3 in the South Division

  1. Atlanta Storm 9-0-1
  2. Savannah Hurricanes 7-0
  3. Birmingham Outlaws 7-3-1
  • Week 11 and there is a change of guard. 3 teams remain undefeated without a loss and Atlanta Storm after 4 Straight Wins Take the #1 Spot in the Rankings this week!
  • The DMV Warriors played in York Penn. is the X-mas Tournament and Shocked the TTBL league with back to back victories Against the Lehigh Valley Flight and the # 1 Ranked team since the beginning of the season the Kingdom Abound by 20 they earned their position in the Power Rankings this week great work!
  • The big story of the Week is the Atlanta Storm came with a flurry playing 4 games over the Weekend and winning all four with 7 Players and winning the National Mens Winter Extravaganza Tournament in Rock Hill, SC. Taking home the trophy and Gold Medals and also capturing the #1 Spot in the Power Rankings this week Stellar Performance.
  • Siler City Reapers Played in their first tournament and even though they won no games they played professionally and were welcomed by the League and the other teams with open arms.
  • Quiet as Kept Rocked the house with so much Basketball IQ in the tournament and walked away with 2 victories and it is always a pleasure to watch them Play.

See all game results here

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