September 14, 2022

CEO and Co-Owner


In 1984, Mr. Watson Graduated from Brockport High School. In 1985, while he graduated from the naval academy in San Diego California and enlisted in NAS base college in Meridian Mississippi, then finishing his Tour in 1987.

Job Scope: While serving in the US Navy, Mr. Watson studied aviation, tactical battle and the boundary takeover of enemy territories. During his years of service, he served under Chief Executive Officer and President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, as well as, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who were both directly in charge of the movements and operation of the only Nuclear Aviation Carrier (the USS Nimitz CVN-68). Mr. Watson applied his military education and training in many different nations around the world. He was involved in several notable military confrontations including Libya, Lebanon.  Mr. Watson finished his service aboard (the CV-43 USS Coral Sea) before leaving early due to a hardship discharge.

In 1988 to 1991, Distributor – Kirby, Inc. Eastern Coast Region of the USA (principal)

Job Scope: Mr. Watson was responsible for the management and oversight of a company sales force at Kirby Inc., a subsidiary of Scott and Fetzer Corp. (a Fortune 500 company where billionaire Warren Buffet was the majority shareholder). He managed over 150 sales representatives and eventually became the #1 Factory Distributor in the Eastern Region for Kirby, Inc.  Mr. Watson has the record in Kirby for the youngest as well as the shortest time to become a factory distributor since 1912 in just 18 months which takes many years to become.

In 1991 to 1994, Assistant to Sales Manager and Finance Manager –Auto Nation- Palm Beach, Fl.

Job Scope: Mr. Watson was responsible for the Sales and oversight of the car sales as well as train and motivate new sales force at Steve Moore Chevrolet and owned by Auto Nation. (a Fortune 500 Company where billionaire Wayne Huizenga was the majority shareholder). He managed over 360 Retail outlets and 26,000 sales representatives and eventually became known as a major player in the Car industry.

In 1994 to 2002, Project Manager for Wiesen Construction, Inc. – Palm Beach and Miami Fl.

Job Scope: Mr. Watson was responsible for the oversight and management of building construction projects from concept to completion. This included but was not limited to securing the general contractors, managing the construction crews, and working to ensure that the project was completed according to and in compliance with the project budget. During his time with Wiesen Construction, Mr. Watson also personally responsible for the restoration of six (6) historical buildings (original construction in 1928) in West Palm Beach, Florida.


In 1991 to 1998 President – Redtail Records Inc. (principal)- Boca Raton, Florida

Corporation Scope: Mr. Watson owned and operated a recording, publishing, and music distribution company. Along with the standard business practices, Redtail Records, Inc. also offered artist management in all phases of the music industry and assisted its clients with securing numerous revenue streams beyond the typical record sales (i.e., publishing deals through product placement in film and television).

1995 – 2005 President-American Residential Marketing, Inc. (Principal) Boca Raton Florida

Corporation Scope: Mr. Watson was responsible for generating income through residential and commercial real estate rentals, investments and acquisitions throughout Florida and neighboring states. His focus was the leadership and administration of a business/training seminar that he created to assist others with a better understanding of the real estate sector. This seminar taught others how to invest efficiently and how to utilize real estate as a professional business. Mr. Watson utilized his business savvy and relationship building skills to help others see the value of the joint venture business model as a tool for building successful, multi-faceted companies. During his 10 – year tenure with American Residential Marketing Inc., the company bought and sold over 1,000 properties.

1999 – 2006 President-JEMZ Properties International, Inc. (Principal) Boca Raton, Florida

Corporation Scope: Mr. Watson utilized his entrepreneurial talent in many different areas with JEMZ Properties as the umbrella. The services offered by JEMZ included Financial Advisement, Real Estate sales, Corporate Investment (projects in other countries) and personal investment – including two restaurants in Palm Beach, Florida (Michale Anthony’s Italian Steakhouse and A&B Grill), and co-ownership and operation of the Florida Seals, an SPHL Professional Hockey team in Orlando, Florida.

2001 to 2010 Transaction Intermediary, (Principal) Boca Raton, Florida

Job Scope:  Mr. Watson was responsible for establishing, developing, and implementing varied types of international business projects and transactions within the worldwide commodities and financial instrument sector. The commodities and products that became his focus are as follows: Precious Minerals and Metals (gold, diamonds)

2006 to Present Owner and Founder-St Watson Mining Company, Inc. – Owner and Founder-St Watson Mining Company Mali, Sarl in Mali, West Africa and Owner and Founder of St. Watson Mining Company, LTD. in Sierra Leone, West Africa. (Principal)

Corporations Scope:  Mr. Watson is responsible for facilitating business proposals and the oversight of the company’s financial infrastructure. In service of the St. Watson’s business mission, Mr. Watson negotiates diplomatic relations with high-level professionals in the government and mining sectors of both Mali and Sierra Leone. His purpose is to create and implement strong business agreements for long-term mining projects and ancillary projects that will re-invest mining profits into the countries where St. Watson Mining Company conducts its operations. The Bogue and Berila projects in Mali are highlights of Mr. Watson’s business savvy. These projects demonstrate Mr. Watson’s ability to bring together the many moving pieces needed to conduct a beneficial and profitable mining project in Mali and/or Sierra Leone.

Humanitarian interactions have touched an extensive number of people in Sierra Leone for many years.  Financial support has been forth rite to Sierra Leone in care of, an orphanage in the community of Bo.  Additional community funds have been passed to those in need during the trips to Sierra Leone over the last Sixteen plus years.

In 2013 to 2016 CEO of South Florida Gold Basketball Team (Ex-Owner), Boca Raton, FL

In 2014 to Present Chairman of the Board of Sports Academy, Inc. which is a 501C Non-Profit Company (Principal), Boca Raton, FL.

Corporation(s) Scope: SFL Gold Sports Academy – Mr. Watson is responsible for all logistics and creating awareness to over sixty charities as well as raise money for them.  Also created sponsor packages for SFL Gold and the local community within sponsorship agreements.  SFL Gold in its ten seasons, has been in the top 4 and finished 1st place in the nation out of 200 plus teams of the American Basketball Association.  Mr. Watson instilled values to his coaches and players that on and off the court a professionalism, behavior, and community driven attitude where values required as adults.  The business administration functions consisted of contracts, facilities, uniforms/assets, facilitating traveling of team, AR/AP, plus more.  The Sports Academy’s – Its mission is to help families who cannot afford to go to camps for sports training of basketball.  All our camps are free to the community kids and all of the players and coaches are professionals from South Florida Gold basketball team.  All the staff, coaches, and players are donating their time for in this effort to help kids.  We work with Military kids to have a chance to work their way through to be a contender in a basketball career and other sports.

2015 to 2021 American Basketball Association President, (Resigned) Boca Raton, FL

Corporation Scope:  Mr. Watson has been tendered as the President of the ABA since 2015.  The list of accomplishments includes TV contract, through Bluestar statistical program, video streaming, brought sports radio to broadcast ABA games, a scoring program through Pointstreak for use through-out all the ABA.  He established relationships with Mexico, China, and India for bringing the ABA internationally.  In communications with world-wide apparel company to bring apparel via an on-line store.  Instrumental in establishing a two-tier conference (red/blue) based upon ability to meet standards of play.  Created and implemented an executive committee with divisional chairs.  Developed new team owners by mentoring them on the business side of owning a basketball team.  Projects in progress include uniform web sites and mobile platforms for each ABA team and a new platform for scoring and live streaming.

2021 to Present Triple Threat Basketball League (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner) Sebastian, FL

Corporation Scope: Mr. Watson has teamed up with Andre Vaughn, The Triple Threat Basketball League, LLC., began play in 2019. When the two owners transitioned from the American Basketball Association after 10+ years. Andre Vaughn and Michael Watson decided that it was time to take their knowledge and success and build a league that would help the Team owners become successful along with the Players having a platform to showcase their talent in an atmosphere where a community is alive and made to help them advance to the next level. The TTBL motto is for the players and coaches is to “Keep the Dream Alive.” and pay it forward for someone new coming up in the future.  Andre and Michale as well as the teams have the vision to build a community atmosphere and create a family within the league.