Semi Anthony
September 18, 2022

VP of Foreign Affairs in Africa


Team Building in Africa

A film producer/Actor with more than 20 years’ experience in studio operations, He has extensive knowledge of the concepts, methods, and techniques surrounding production. He creates, implements and oversees feature production plans from early pre-production to distribution, working with the creative, finance, business affairs, and production support teams to help facilitate production.  Most notably, His firm, 2nd Nature Films, is responsible for Abbey Grace, which won Best Picture at the 2016 Tributary Film Festival. Acting credits include feature films, as well as roles on ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family and shows on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

The TTBL is proud to have Semi Anthony as our Ambassador for the Continent of Africa he is very Influential and has many connections to bring the League in all of Africa and helping the TTBL bridge the gap between the two countries to play one another.  We look forward to welcoming African teams to the USA to play against the great teams of the TTBL.